Engineering Services

Planning and Analysis

Generation of the necessary project management system plan and performance of the project analysis at macro scale before proceeding to the further stages of the project;

Feasibility Studies

Performance of feasibility works and preliminary cost analysis with comparison for all kinds of investments;

Preliminary Project

Providing necessary data in making optimum selection to the customer by evaluating the projects as alternative

Final Project

In all project areas, topographical and photogrammetric map, development plans, development plan implementation, building, road, railway, layout plans, dam, all water and waste water transmission systems and drainage, expropriation, natural gas and petroleum transmission systems, Environmental Impact Assessment Report, Geological and geotechnical soil surveys, bridge, GIS application, cadastre application, urban design, landscaping and irrigation, city information systems establishment, preparation of all kinds of detailed  projects

Preparation of estimated cost and tender file

  • Preparation of the estimated cost  and tender files for the project
  • Consultancy activities
  • Construction supervision  and consultancy of infrastructure and superstructure projects
  • Providing consultancy service to the public and private sector corporations in their areas of activities
  • Technology consultancy for the municipal infrastructure enterprises

 Consulancy and Supervision  Services

In the entire infrastructure and superstructure construction sector, all kinds of necessary engineering and consultancy services  before and during the continuation of the commencement stage of the construction until the end of the work are  managed by the company.